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Hi, I’m Alex. I have climbed Mt. Kili for more than 20 years. Each time is a different experience. Each time presents a new challenge. Each turn on the climb excites and stimulates your experience. Kili will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Kilimanjaro, what can we say. A world famous climb; the highest free-standing mountain in the world; the highest climb to be taken without oxygen support; just a few meters short of Everest base camp.

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All about Kilimanjaro

The highest free-standing mountain At 5895 meters or 19,340 feet it stands at only 10,000 feet less than Everest, Kilimanjaro is not a pushover. You will be seriously challenged physically and mentally. We provide expert assistance and all necessary safety preconditions for your climb.

We will also support you in case of an emergency. Remember, Kilimanjaro is 5985m high, well above the critical oxygen level of 4200m. We work with Kilimedair helicopter ambulance service to get you down with medical support. This is highly unlikely, though as most cases of altitude sickness are solved by a quick descent, with the help of our guides.

We provide all the kit you will need, all the expert advice, and all the encouragement to reach the summit. For a full kit and prep list, click here.

On our way up
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