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In Northern Tanzania, we have Arusha, Tanzania’s second city. Situated at the halfway point between Capetown in South Africa and Alexandria in Egypt, Arusha provides a pivot for all of East Africa. You will find there the remnants of the British BOMA, historical coffee plantations, nearby Maasai tribal villages, and Arusha National Park –  a small gem of a park that is doable in one day.

Materuni Waterfall

About 65km east of Arusha lies the sleepy town of Moshi, resting at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain towers over the Moshi landscape like a giant shepherd overlooking his flock. Like Arusha, all around Moshi, there are natural wonders unique to northern Tanzania. See the famous Chemko Hot Springs, the Materuni Waterfall and nearby coffee farm where you can make your own coffee, the Kinukamori Waterfall with its Chagga tribal history museum in nearby Marangu, off the road leading to Marangu Gate on Kilimanjaro National Park. You can also visit Arusha National Park and do a short but exciting game drive or take to the open plains for a game drive on horseback.

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