Why us?

Why us indeed!

Hi. I’m Alex Ulomi, your tour operator and guide for your safari or climb

My many years of experience include climbing Kilimanjaro as a porter in my younger days, being trained and licensed as a guide, and working for some of the major, international players here in Tanzania and all over East Africa. Now, as your guide and operator in my own right, I can offer the best experience on the world’s highest free-standing mountain, or on the most sublime safari.

With my safari vehicles, we can delight you in seeing Africa’s wildest animals in the safety of a guided tour. Voted the best safari destination in Africa*, Tanzania offers you some of the best safaris on the continent. *2013

*We offer 7 different climbing routes for your Kilimanjaro trek here and at least 6 exciting adventure safaris here, as well as bespoke safaris that you design to your own preferences. You do the research, and we manage your preferences.

Don’t believe us? Read our Tripadvisor reviews here.

*From the ever popular 6 Day Marangu Route to the summit of Kilimanjaro to the more leisurely trek on the more scenic Lemosho Route, and from the sublime Serengeti World Heritage Site to the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater we offer you, our esteemed clients some of the most unforgettable journeys into Africa.

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